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Stock photo: Camouflage hunting boot

Stock photo of camouflage hunting boot.

Stock photo of Camouflage hunting boot
Sturdy camouflage hunting boot
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    Camouflage hunting boot

    This stock photo shows a sturdy camouflage hunting boot.

    This camouflage hunting boot has a thick rubber sole with rubber studs on the bottom for traction.

    The boot is completely decorated in a forest scene with tree bark and dry leaves. A few of the leaves are a golden brown around the foot and toe.

    A brown leaf sits up the side of the boot. The tree bark are blended in shades of green, light brown and dark brown.

    Camouflage is usually used for hunting to blend in with the environment to deceive the animal. Different types of camouflage is used depending on the area where the hunter goes to hunt.

    Patterns in a mossy oak to a sage brush pattern is used for large mammals. Swamp reeds camouflage are generally used by waterfowl hunters.

    Camouflage hunting boot.

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    Camouflage hunting boot

    Camouflage hunting boot
    Stock photo of camouflage hunting boot.
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